• Ethics & Privacy

    Upholding the highest standards of integrity

    • Integrity is one of our core values, and we have an unwavering commitment to ethics and privacy. These principles guide all of our work to create a positive, lasting impact on humankind and the planet.


      Leading by example

      Our culture of integrity starts at the top, with our board of directors. It is fostered by ethics ambassadors in every region, who customize our programs to local laws and business trends. The Ethisphere® Institute has recognized our ethics and privacy leadership by naming us to its World’s Most Ethical Companies® list for many consecutive years.


      Igniting employees’ passion for integrity

      We believe in capturing employees’ hearts and minds as we foster a culture of integrity. That means having open, ongoing dialogue – at all levels of Dell Technologies – about our values, expectations and compliance requirements. And providing technology-based compliance trainings and tools that mitigate risk and make it easy to do the right thing.

      Our interactive Dell Technologies Code of Conduct uses videos and games to bring our expectations to life. Our game-based trainings and digital advisor tool enable employees to safely examine the potential consequences of business decisions. Employees can contact our Ethics Helpline for advice, or to report ethics violations. While all investigations are confidential, we share the “lessons learned” to remind global employees how much our decisions and actions matter.


      Expecting the best from our partners

      We hold our partners and other third parties to the same high standards that we set for ourselves. These are outlined in our Dell Technologies Code of Conduct for Partners.

      Working with industry experts, we help our partners develop their own ethics, privacy and compliance programs. We also leverage digital tools and business intelligence, both to train partners and to continually monitor their compliance so we can flag issues immediately.


      Championing customers’ privacy rights

      We believe privacy is a fundamental human right, and critical to maintaining trust with our customers. We will continue our enduring commitment to transparency in how we use, collect, share and transfer our customers’ personal data. We are also working toward automated technologies that will give our customers greater ease in accessing or deleteing their personal data, and to assert upfront preferences for the collection and sharing of their personal data.

      As a global company, we comply with privacy laws all over the world, such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. We also help shape emerging privacy laws, with our customers’ right to privacy in mind.


      Learn how we are making progress real


      FY21 Progress Made Real Report

      In our annual ESG report on our social impact plan, we demonstrate how we're creating a positive impact on people and the planet for 2030 and beyond.


      Upholding Ethics & Privacy Goals One-Pager

      Our Upholding Ethics & Privacy 2030 goals guide all of our work to create a positive, lasting impact on humankind and the planet.


      How we developed our most ambitious Ethics & Privacy 2030 goals

      We’re sharing the back-story on why and how we developed Progress Made Real, to invite conversation on how social impact planning can help plot the right steps forward.

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