Our software-driven storage keeps you ready for whatever’s next

    • From the exponential growth of data to hybrid clouds to constant cyberthreats, it’s never been more important to deliver a future-ready storage experience. Dell Technologies’ software-driven storage solutions help you automate IT, gain multi-cloud control and mobility and innovate securely.

    • A continuously modern storage experience across your multi-cloud eco-system

    • Adaptable software architectures for AIOps and DevOps

      Provide an environment that scales up and out, with automation, intelligent insights and upgrades on demand.

    • Flexibility across your multi-cloud ecosystem

      Gain better insights from your data wherever it lives, from on-premises and colocation to any cloud with our cloud-enabled storage and data protection software.

    • Comprehensive cyber resiliency

      Protect from cyberthreats with operational airgap data isolation, immutability and continuous ransomware detection.



      "IQVIA helps customers accelerate clinical development and healthcare outcomes. Driving transformation requires an infrastructure partner just as focused on innovation. Dell storage delivers the automation, security, performance and scale needed as we reimagine life sciences."




      It’s not just storage anymore

      As data diversity and distribution continues to accelerate, the modernization movement demands more from storage. Get the ESG analysis of Dell’s continuously modern storage experience.


      Project Alpine

      Project Alpine is focused on bringing Dell’s advanced storage software capabilities to public clouds for hybrid cloud, cloud-resident and multi-cloud use cases.

    • Learn more about software-driven innovations across our storage portfolio

    • PowerStore

      Native replication for any workload, end-to-end VMware visibility, and enhanced file capabilities

    • PowerMax

      Intrinsic protection from unauthorized access with cyberattack anomaly detection, plus intelligent workload optimization

    • PowerFlex

      Scalable and flexible file services for unified storage and NVMe/TCP connectivity with cyber recovery

    • PowerProtect

      Simplified data protection at scale and ransomware data recovery

    • CloudIQ

      Enriched anomaly detection, REST API for integrations, and automated multi-system updates

    • PowerScale

      Scale-out file storage with enhanced cyber protection and smart airgap capabilities

    • Unity XT

      Inline data reduction for hybrid, advanced replication topologies, and data-in-place upgrades

    • VxRail

      Satellite and dynamic nodes extend automated, consistent operations across your IT landscape

    • Stay ready with our flexible, secure and simple to use software-driven storage innovation.