• APEX Private Cloud

    Quickly deliver an on-premises cloud experience

    Deploy compute, storage, and networking resources for your VMware workloads across data center and edge locations with APEX Private Cloud

    Intel Innovation Built-in‎

      Accelerate innovation and modernize your application portfolio

      APEX Private Cloud delivers a smaller footprint perfect for getting started with cloud or expanding your data center out to the edge. Manage your own automated infrastructure, with Dell assistance in areas such as pro-active monitoring and maintenance.  

      Self-service through the APEX Console and cloud resources for your VMware workloads can be deployed to your site in as few as 14 days1.

    • Automate and orchestrate

      Streamline cloud operations with automated, intelligent lifecycle management (LCM) that simplifies full stack upgrades.

    • Modernize applications

      Deploy VMware Tanzu and capitalize on the next evolution in enterprise applications with a production-ready Kubernetes platform.

    • Operationalize your edge

      A secure and consistent operational experience: optimize for workloads across multiple cloud environments.

    • The industry's fastest private cloud deployment1

  • Customer Stories

    • A large US-based healthcare organization upgrades their VDI environment with APEX Private Cloud

      An improved virtual experience delivers better patient care for frontline clinicians, providing access to critical applications wherever and whenever they need.

    • Electric wholesale leader drives IT modernization with APEX Private Cloud

      Transitioned towards a cloud-first model within a short timeframe and seamlessly phased out aging legacy infrastructure. 


      Up to 22% lower three-year TCO on AI/ML workloads​

      A new report from Principled Technologies shows how APEX Private Cloud compares to Amazon EC2 and delivers better, more cost-effective performance for 24/7 usage2.​


    • Total control over your cloud journey

      The APEX Console delivers a self-serve web portal that puts all your Cloud Services in one place - subscribe, operate, optimize, and grow. 

    • Deploy instances designed for your enterprise workloads

      Choose from 5 instance types, including extra-large memory-to-CPU core ratios for virtualized and containerized workloads, and special purpose instance types with Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) from NvidiaTM for artificial intelligence, machine learning and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) workloads.


    • One simple price and predictable monthly costs

      It’s now easy to build the cloud of your choice. All subscription offers are available with a 1- or 3-year term, where hardware, software and services (deployment, rack integration, support, asset recovery) components are included in a single monthly price. 

      Pricing options are based on select configurations and provided only as an example. More options are available to support a wide range of workloads, such as combination of different instance types, choice of storage type (All Flash, NVMe, Hybrid) based on your business needs.

    •   Small Deployment Mid-Size Deployment Large Deployment
      Description Get started easily with a 100 CPU cores using the Compute Optimized instance type, which has a 4GB memory-to-core ratio. Offering a balance of compute, memory, and storage resources, this option is ideal for workloads that use these resources in equal proportions. A mid-size deployment for 200 CPU cores using the General Purpose instance type, which has an 8GB memory-to-core ratio. Offering fast performance for workloads that process very large data sets in memory. A large-scale deployment for 500 CPU cores using the Large-Scale Memory Optimized instance type, which has an extra high 32GB memory-to-core ratio.
      Instance Type Compute Optimized General Purpose Large-Scale Memory Optimized
      # of Cores Up to 100 cores Up to 200 cores Up to 500 cores
      Physical Memory 400GB 1.6TB 16TB
      Storage All Flash – 10TB All Flash – 75TB All Flash – 735TB
      Subscription Term 3 year 3 year 3 year
      Price Estimated Monthly Total
      Estimated Monthly Total
      Estimated Monthly Total
    • Legal Disclaimer: Estimated monthly totals based on select pre-configured instance-based configurations and Dell Technologies integrated rack option. Pricing varies depending on the number and type of instance blocks, storage in your configuration and subscription term. Subject to change. Contact your Dell Technologies Sales Representative for more information.

    • Solution details (availability and services offering descriptions)

      • Availability: APEX Private Cloud can be purchased in USA, United Kingdom, Germany and France only.
      • The offering description applies to APEX Private Cloud


    • Modernize your edge manufacturing operations

      With an edge reference architecture using APEX Private Cloud, you can deliver tracking and performance analytics across all your production line environments. Reduce costs and prevent downtime by pushing your performance optimization to the next level.

    • Creating a DevOps self-serve experience

      Give DevOps teams self-serve resource pools with your private infrastructure using APEX Private Cloud and APEX Data Storage Services.




      eBook: Driving a Modern Applications Strategy

      Four ways to accelerate modern applications initiatives and the benefit to customers.


      Principled Technologies: APEX Private Cloud with GPU Configuration

      Deliver a better virtual desktop experience with Dell APEX Private Cloud using NVIDIA GPUs​.


      Principled Technologies: APEX Private Cloud vs. Amazon EC2 Instances

      Deliver better return on investment and faster data analysis with APEX Private Cloud.


      Interactive Demo: APEX Private Cloud

      Explore how you use APEX Private Cloud to deploy and configure Virtual Machines or use VMware Tanzu for container-based applications.

    • 1. Deployment time measured between order acceptance and activation. 14-day deployment applies to select NVMe storage type solutions, excludes orders over 1000 instances. Subject to acceptance of APEX terms by required parties, credit approval, site survey, availability of resources at deployment facility and a completed configuration workbook before order placement. Product availability, international shipping, holidays and other factors may impact deployment time. Contact your sales representative for details. US, United Kingdom, France and Germany only. [ ↑ ]

      2. Based on a Principled Technologies report commissioned by Dell Technologies, “Deliver better return on investment and faster data analysis while performing image classification tasks with Dell Technologies APEX Private Cloud compared to a set of comparable Amazon EC2 instances”, March 2022. TCO analysis results based on calculations for three-year, in U.S. Dollars. Actual results will vary. Full report.