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PC as a Service (PCaaS) for Business

Why it matters to your business


  No up-front costs

  One fixed monthly payment

  Antivirus and security software included

  Proactive, automated problem detection

  Secure data removal and recycling at the end of your term

  New PCs every 36 months

48-month program also available. Call your Dell representative for more details.

Key Benefits of PCaaS

Manage the complexity of delivering a modernized employee experience at a predictable budget.

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Maintain cashflow liquidity

No upfront investment is required. Take advantage of a monthly payment with no hidden fees. Payments do not start until PCs are delivered.


Reduce Costs

Harness Dells technical expertise and scalable AI tools to reduce day to day lifecycle maintenance costs.

Use this calculator from Forrester to estimate your current PC lifecycle costs to Dell PCaaS.

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Dell’s PC As A Service Learn how Dell PCaaS reduces device lifecycle services costs by 20%.


No ownership or PC disposal burden

Dell will responsibly retire all hardware assets at the end of the contract and ensure a seamless transition to new technology.


Modernized PC Lifecycle Management

Get comprehensive solutions for deployment, security, management and support.


Flexible payment solutions

Flexible financing options (flex up, down and mid-term upgrades for more than 150 units) from Dell's payment experts


Hardware tailored to end user personas

The workforce is no longer one size fits all. Dell’s research driven end user solutions help different types of workers get and stay productive.

Benefits of PC as a Service

Learn how Dell PC as a Service can help your organization: Avoid the burdens of ownership and disposal, overcome budget restrictions, Reduce TCO and accelerate ROI.

How it works

Choose the hardware and software you need, with the agreement that works for your organization. Technical specialists and artificial intelligence tools support you and your users for the length of the agreement. At the end of the contract systems are removed and recycled.

Dell makes it easy


Apply online

Get started by easily applying online with Dell Financial Services. Once approved, you’re good to go.


Choose your PCs

Choose from Dell’s latest PCs and peripherals. Everything you’ll need is included or can be easily bundled.


Run your business

Focus on your business knowing that your PCs are supported by Dell 24x7 for all 36 months. And after, we’ll help you transition to the latest PCs.

Simplify your IT today!

Compare PC as a Service (PCaaS) to Traditional Purchasing

PC as a Service (PCaaS)
Traditional Purchase
Example product: XPS 15 (Dec, 2020 pricing)
24x7 phone support and more
Asset Recovery:
Easy, no-hassle return of systems to Dell
Our experts install PCs at your site.
Antivirus and data security apps
Price comparison
$45.00 + sales tax per month
Combined value:
$1898.98 + sales tax
Optional Add-ons
Monitors and accessories:
Keyboards, mice and docking stations
Bundle into your monthly payment for as low as $1.25 per month
Buy separately
Comprehensive end-to-end service
No money down and fixed monthly cost
New PCs every 36 months

Looking for something different? Call 1-844-672-4035 or chat for more options.


A 36-month term is currently available online. Apply now to determine if you qualify. Please contact 1-888-346-2289 for additional .
Yes. You can terminate your contract at any time. Remaining payments plus the fair market value of the assets will be due at point of termination.
At the end of the term, Dell will help guide you through the end-of-lifecycle process.
You may upgrade your technology and return your systems to Dell Financial Services, purchase the equipment at the fair market value at that time or extend your term for a fixed period.
The security of your business and your data is important. The returned systems go through a data sanitization process at an authorized Dell facility before shipping to Dell Financial Services.
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