• Kubernetes and Containers

    End-to-end solutions and tools for cloud native applications

    • Accelerate your containers and Kubernetes adoption

      Dell Technologies provides the innovative solutions necessary to implement and maintain your containers and Kubernetes environments. Get developers and IT operations in sync with modern frameworks to manage containers on-premises, in cloud and as-a-service, to meet business demands.

    • Bolster modern IT infrastructures with solutions for Kubernetes

      Kubernetes and containerized applications deserve enterprise infrastructures. Ensure your DevOps teams have the right production-ready environment to support business-critical modern applications.

    • Explore Storage for Kubernetes

      Modern Storage for Kubernetes and Containers

      Boost efficiency of container-based apps

      Extend high-performance enterprise storage system capabilities to containerized workloads to efficiently provide persistent storage for all your applications.

    • Data Protection for Modern Applications

      Proven protection for containers and Kubernetes

      Protect and secure your cloud native applications with enterprise-grade data protection for any size business. Meet continuity and compliance requirements with solutions built for Kubernetes environments.

    • The VMware Tanzu Advantage

      Streamline your cloud-native strategy

      No matter where you are on your application modernization journey, Dell Technologies provides integrated solutions featuring VMware Tanzu that enables your organization to evolve its existing IT operations approach to include cloud native patterns.

    • Harness business insights through the analysis of real-time data

      Access an enterprise-ready platform built on open source components such as Apache Flink, Spark and Pravega to ingest, store and analyze continuously streaming data at the edge in real-time.

    • DevOps Tools and Solutions

      Easily access open-source and API-driven software tools

      Empower DevOps to automate IT with infrastructure-as-code design for frictionless data consumption and make the best use of automation capabilities.

    • Consulting Services

      Fast track cloud native applications

      Harness cloud native software and implement DevOps best practices to keep your IT organization agile, productive and competitive.

    • Kubernetes and Containers Resources

    • Designing a Cloud Native Organization

      Explore the ways cloud native technologies address the concerns of different DevOps Decision Makers in this easy-to-navigate guide.

    • DevOps-ready Platforms

      Intelligent, automated on-premises infrastructure for your multi-cloud.

    • Customer Story: SWISS TXT

      SWISS TXT’s manual provisioning of storage was slowing service delivery to customers. With Dell PowerScale, they developed a self-service system, reducing storage provisioning from 2–3 days to seconds.

    • PowerFlex Family for Cloud Native Applications

      Empower you organization to build and run scalable applications in modern and dynamic multi-cloud environments with PowerFlex.

    • Case Study: Self-service Data Protection for Container and App Developers

      PowerProtect Data Manager enabled Dell Digital to provide developers with easy-to-consume, self-service data protection for 71,000 containerized workloads.

    • CloudLink: Secure Container Communications

      CloudLink secures critical data wherever it lives including bare-metal, virtualized, and containerized workloads across public and private clouds.

    • Your single source for cloud native applications

      Our broad portfolio of infrastructure solutions enables your organization to accelerate your containers and Kubernetes adoption. Implement these enterprise-level tools to deploy and operate modern applications for agile delivery of compelling new services.