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      Whether you’re new to AI or ready to take it to the next level, accelerating intelligent, automated outcomes requires putting data first, managing the data lifecycle, and deciding with data. We can help you every step of the way.

    • Validated Designs for AI

    • Solution Description Resources
      AI for Virtualized Environments VMware-enabled AI with NVIDIA AI Enterprise on Dell infrastructure
      AI MLOps with cnvrg.io Standardize machine learning pipelines with cnvrg.io to minimize friction for data science and engineering teams from research to production
      DataRobot An automated machine learning (ML) solution enabling you to quickly and easily build accurate predictive models without previous coding and ML skills
      H20.ai With H2O, this design takes advantage of distributed systems and in-memory computing to improve customer experiences, streamline processes, decrease waste and fraud
      Intelligent Video Analysis This edge-deployable solution is designed to perform video transcoding and deep learning inference with the Deep Vision AI platform for smarter, safer environments
      Iguazio Accelerate and scale development, deployment and management of your AI applications with end-to-end automation of machine (and deep) learning pipelines
      Kubeflow Run machine and deep learning workloads with Kubeflow using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to support the lifecycle stages of your AI projects
      NVIDIA Fleet Command By deploying this design, IT admins can take secure, remote control, simplifying deployment and powering resilient AI across the network in minutes


      Retail loss prevention Empowers retailers to cost-effectively reduce inventory loss at store checkout lanes with AI-driven software and hardware technology

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    • Resources

    • Al-ready infrastructure

      Simplify sourcing, deployment and management of infrastructure designed for the data era—with plenty of what your AI use cases demand to deliver better outcomes in a hybrid cloud world.

    • Dell Precision Workstations

      State-of-the-art capabilities that enable every organization to have access to the transformative power of AI.

    • Dell PowerEdge Servers

      The processing power, capacity, throughput and scale to power the even most advanced AI projects.

    • Dell PowerScale Storage

      Flexible and massively scalable to handle all types of data-structured, unstructured and semi-structured.

    • Dell Data Protection

      Data management and protection solutions that safeguard your data wherever it needs to be, for every stage of the AI lifecycle.