• Digital Cities

    Building foundations for our urban future

    Cities have always been a driving force of innovation and human progress. Discover how we’re delivering game-changing transformation for your citizens in tomorrow’s Digital Future.

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    • Explosive population growth is propelling the world to a new phase in urban evolution. From health, transportation, housing, security, education and waste management to culture and tourism, today’s urban administrators face unique challenges.

      We empower you to meet these challenges. Helping create a partnership between your city, its citizens and machines that will become deeper, richer, and more rewarding than ever before.

    • Digital Cities Infographic

      Download our at-a-glance guide to global urbanization trends, key challenges and the benefits of partnering with Dell Technologies.

    • Digital Cities Informer

      Our high-level overview explores key digital cities transition themes and shows how we enable better citizen services by facilitating rapid solution development and deployment.

    • Digital Cities Brochure

      Discover the elements that allow us to bring resource optimised, data analytics-driven, people-centric solutions to the digital cities of tomorrow.

    • Digital Cities White Paper

      Today’s city officials have a historic opportunity to harness innovation and mobilize public and private resources. See how we help you ensure every citizen is connected to progress.

    • Digital Cities are built on a foundation of robust technology and flexible IT infrastructures. Dell Technologies offers a comprehensive portfolio of powerful solutions that accelerate innovation and embrace emerging technology trends. Whether it’s open-source software, frictionless scalability, standardised hardware economies, predictive and preventative data services or cutting-edge security, we offer the tools you need to start building your city of tomorrow – today.


      Powering digital innovation

      Dell Technologies’ Accelerator Platform provides the open, data-rich and people-centric foundation upon which Digital Cities can be built. Combining a comprehensive suite of Dell Technology products supported by best in class ecosystem partners, the Accelerator Platform delivers the cloud-native IT infrastructure needed to help digital cities prosper and grow.


      Enabling better government

      Digital city services generate huge quantities of data. That data can do far more than just optimize individual parameters, like traffic flow.

      Dell Technologies’ Accelerator Platform enables administrators to visualize the stories behind their city’s data with integrations into various back-end services and solutions. This means Digital Cities can access unprecedented command and control capabilities and gain unique analytical insight into what makes their city tick.

      Insights derived from these systems can transform strategic planning and refocus resources. Discover how, with GE, we’re helping to shape the future of our cities and industries.


      Delivering better services

      As populations grow, it’s ever more important that government services are delivered efficiently, frictionlessly and transparently.  

      Dell Technologies’ Accelerator Platform enables Digital Cities to aggregate data generated from multiple sources, formats and protocols onto a single common data platform, enabling the implementation of integrated citizen services.

      From passport renewal and car registration to taxation and healthcare, our reliable Accelerator Platform helps to drive innovation and foster citizen engagement by alleviating unnecessary bureaucracy.

      Gone are traditional IT’s proprietary software, closed standards and data silos. Instead, open source agility enables you to capitalize on the Internet of Things, big data analytics and AI to deliver integrated services effortlessly, on demand.

    • Safety and Security Solutions

      Ensuring safer cities

      Maintaining public safety is a basic requirement of good city governance. Yet growing populations make this an increasingly complex task.

      Our IoT Solution for Safety and Security Solutions delivers efficient security from day one. Combining hardware and software with flexible management, it’s simple to deploy and facilitates the storage and analysis of vast quantities of security and safety content generated across the city.

      It’s also highly scalable and designed for the future. As regulatory needs and sensor types change, you can adapt quickly, while support for open source hardware and software hooks provides complete flexibility as your needs evolve.

    • The Digital Future is now

      Technologies like AI, IoT and Augmented Reality are just the first signs of era-defining transformation. And if you’re not yet on your digital journey, you’re already falling behind.

      Every organization now needs to be a digital organization, powered by data, running in a multi-cloud world. We’re here to help build foundations for your Digital Future today… so you’re ready for tomorrow.