Extend the value of your
    APEX solution

    • Realize your as-a-Service objectives faster with value-added services

      Professional Services for APEX provides the expertise you need to integrate your APEX vision into your business.  Our experienced professionals help you innovate quickly with a cloud operating model and simplify consumption of applications, workloads and data by your application and business stakeholders.

    • Value-added services for APEX storage

      Optimize storage as-a-Service operations so that your business stakeholders benefit from the on-demand simplicity of APEX.

      • Realize as-a-Service benefits quickly with fast, efficient data migration
      • Speed IT service delivery by automating storage provisioning 
      • Simplify operations by integrating storage workflows into your IT service portal 
      • Extend your teams’ skills with technical experts
    • Value-added services for APEX compute

      Deliver a cloud consumption experience for your VMware environment to realize the simplicity and agility of APEX:

      • Operationalize your cloud to speed IT service delivery
      • Simplify consumption for your business stakeholders with integration into your IT service portal 
      • Define your cloud and application desired state and roadmap
      • Efficiently migrate data to where it will drive innovation 
    • Continually drive forward

      Innovation is critical. However, finding time to push your initiatives forward is often a challenge when you are consumed with managing and operationalizing infrastructure. Rely on Professional Services for APEX to maximize operational benefits and realize on-demand IT services quickly, so that you can focus on driving innovation.

    • Dell Technologies Services for Cloud

      Our cloud professionals assist with all aspects of your multi-cloud initiatives:

      • Profile applications to align with the right cloud consumption model.
      • Speed service delivery with streamlined operational processes.
      • Migrate and modernize applications for agile business operations.
      • Establish agile cloud-native operating model with continuous delivery practices.
      • Achieve resiliency for your digital business with modern, multi-cloud protection and recovery.


      Professional services for APEX Data Storage Services

      Learn more about realizing the simplicity of APEX for your storage and data operations needs.


      Professional services for APEX Cloud Services

      Accelerate your cloud business outcomes with our   experience and expertise.


      Dell EMC Data Migration Services

      Realize workload benefits quickly with efficient data migration


      The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship with Storage

      Realize more agile storage and learn to connect the dots from your current operations.